When a close friend noticed my severe back pain, she mentioned that her doula was also a chiropractor. Five months pregnant and unable to complete daily tasks without pain, I took her recommendation and called Holly. Immediately warm and accommodating, Holly scheduled me for an appointment that very day! I had never been to a chiropractor before, but Holly told me exactly what to expect. 24 hours later, I no longer felt pain, and within a week, I was back exercising and enjoying life. I have been seeing Holly consistently throughout the rest of my pregnancy, and she continues to provide me with high quality care, wisdom, and positivity. I definitely plan to seek care from her as I heal post-pregnancy.
— Molly V.
We took our infant son to see Dr. Holly to try to help his GERD and his crooked body position. She was so gentle and calm, and she explained each technique before performing it. My baby was so relaxed afterward, and he was able to sleep lying on his back (for the first time since birth) after our second session! He loves going to get adjusted. At our house, Dr. Holly is known as the Magical Baby Whisperer.
— Molly P.
I first saw Holly while pregnant for sciatic discomfort and pain. She was able to relieve my issues and after having my baby girl we continued to see her for adjustments. She was able to help my daughter latch successfully and helped with my own structural changes after baby. Holly was a large piece of helping us start a path to successful nursing and 17 months later we are still at it. We continue to see Holly as a part of our healthy lifestyle and have been healthier and happier since doing so. I value her service and trust her completely with our continued health. Thanks Holly!
— Stephanie C.
Holly saved my breastfeeding relationship with my baby. An abrupt nursing strike of almost 3 weeks brought us in and Holly quickly made me and my little guy feel supported and comforted. My easy going, no fuss baby had a LOT going on in his little body that Holly has helped to work out. We had drastic improvements within just two visits. She is gentle, welcoming, and my 5 month old baby adores her (as does the rest of the family). We continue to see Holly regularly and are so happy to call her our friend.
— Janine K.
Holly’s knowledge and support was essential to my birth experience. Plus, her chiropractic care kept me feeling great throughout pregnancy! I’ll definitely be calling upon her fabulous doula and chiropractor skills again when it comes time for baby number two.
— Mallory F.
Knowing how much our doula helped with the birth of our oldest, we knew we wanted a doula present for baby two. When we learned scheduling conflicts wouldn’t allow us to work with our original doula, we began searching for the right doula for this experience. Holly was highly recommended, and when we met with her we knew it would be a great fit....I would highly recommend Holly without reservation. Her professional background is impressive and important, but it is her calm demeanor that is invaluable.
— Robyn H.
When I met Holly, I was desperate and depressed from the pain I was feeling in my hips at the end of my pregnancy. She was cheerful, completely approachable, and very reassuring. I had no idea what to expect from a chiropractor and wasn’t sure if I would even leave feeling better. Not only did Holly eliminate my hip pain each week, she took care of the soreness I had in my neck from being on my computer all day at work! I would go back to her in a heartbeat. I had a great experience.
— Lauren V.
To anyone who is considering getting a doula to help with their birth, my husband and I can attest to what a wonderful help it was. We had Holly recommended to us by a friend, and as soon as we met her we knew that her kind spirit, knowledge and attitude were just what we were hoping for in the doula experience. Holly’s presence as I labored made a huge difference in alleviating my fears. I was able to have the drug free delivery I was hoping for, and I know that Holly’s presence and encouragement helped make that possible. She was so supportive before, during and after the birth of our daughter. I would recommend Holly without any reservation!
— Wendy A.
I loved going to Holly when I was pregnant! I had issues with my low back and always felt so great after seeing her! When I was 39 weeks pregnant, my baby had stretched out and it created a tight band across my belly...it was VERY uncomfortable! Holly adjusted me and moved him...I felt so renewed afterwards!

After I gave birth, we saw Holly about once a week for over a month! It felt great to have someone helping my body adjust post-partum and she did great work on my baby boy too! She gave us some tips on how to deal with infant gas, which we still use today!

I recommend Holly to anyone who asks me for a chiropractor in the Twin Cities! Especially if you are pregnant or post-partum, a typical chiropractor won’t cut it! She’s reasonably priced and allows you to come as you need adjusting...She’s never pushed me to get on some adjustment plan like other chiropractors I’ve seen! I adore Holly!
— Shannon H.
One evening, we found ourselves arriving late to a doula event, at which we had intentions of sitting down to interview potential doulas and maybe pick one who was right for us. This was something we had been looking forward to, so we were disappointed when the woman behind the desk said we were sadly, at the wrong location. Just as we were about to turn home, we met a friendly person on her way in the door. Within minutes, she had magically wiped away our frustrations and set our minds at ease. When we found out that she was a doula, we knew we had found someone special.

Holly is one of the most approachable and caring people you will ever meet. From the moment we met her, she brought a feeling of warmth and happiness that had a tremendous affect on our pregnancy and the delivery of our daughter. Leading up to the delivery, she was ready with knowledgable answers to every one of our questions and somehow brought answers and solutions to questions we didn’t know we had. Her chiropractic expertise was instrumental and she supplied us with loads of great articles and resources. On the day our daughter was born, Holly was amazing. She thought of everything. And she provided comfort measures that allowed Anna to have a completely natural and healthy delivery. I cannot imagine what it would have been like without her positive presence. In the end, we were left with an experience we would not change for the world and a great doula who we could just as easily call a friend. Thank you, Holly.
— Anna & Adam
My husband and I wanted a doula for the delivery of our first child. We knew right away that Holly was the perfect fit for us. She was instrumental in helping us reach the goal of having a natural delivery without any pain medication. My husband was more comfortable going into the hospital knowing that he had Holly to bounce questions and concerns off or or even just get reassurance that everything is ok and this is a normal process of labor.

Holly truly is a wonderful and compassionate doula. I could not have asked for a better doula to help me bring my daughter into this world. She was an unbelievably GREAT calming presence in the room. She was also very motivating, which was super helpful to get through some of the more intense contractions. She held my hand, massaged my back, walked the hallways with me, and put a cold washcloth on my forehead when needed. She had a lot of techniques to make labor more bearable. Prior to me going into labor, I was also getting regular chiropractic adjustments from Holly, making sure my pelvis was moving properly, which I know also contributed to how smoothly my birth went.

Thank you Holly! Words cannot express how thankful we are for you! You will always be a part of our little family!
— Becky K.
I would recommend Holly to anyone and everyone who is expecting a child. She was an amazingly dedicated, compassionate, prepared, and supportive part of our birth and I truly believe that we would not have ended up with the beautiful, calm birth we experienced if she had not been there to assist us. Our meeting at a Childbirth Collective Parent Information Night turned out to be serendipitous. As she says, “the people who are meant to be at your birth will be at your birth” and in our case it was most definitely true. Holly was not our original doula but when our due date came and went with no baby and in the end, Holly was there to support us through it all. When we were originally interviewing doulas we were simply looking for someone who we felt could help us with the physical aspects of comfort during labor and assist us in navigating the medical side of birth; This was incredibly short sighted of us. I do not believe there are words that would adequately convey the incredibly powerful and necessary emotional support that Holly was able to provide not only for me but for my husband as well. She believed in me when I was exhausted to the point of deliriousness and no longer believed in myself. Holly is a superhero in every sense of the word and we will be eternally grateful for her presence at our birth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Jessie S.